The Happy People


Yesterday was just one of those days for me.The one where I start whining, “Why me?”, “Why do I have to struggle everywhere?”,”Why cant I get that big promotion, that big company, that XYZ”…I am sure most of us have those days.Now that I am trying to get back to work, I see myself left behind peers who still don’t have kids, have cushy jobs and looks like they have it “ALL”.Yesterday at  the end before I slept as I looked at Adam and Apple cuddling cutely, I was thankful for a healthy and happy family.I was thankful that we had no financial struggles, not that we could afford luxuries, but we were happy.

But yet that thought stayed, “Why me”.

So today morning while thinking about what next, my brain shouted “Eureka”I realized that I had a project in mind “The Happiness Project”but as it is nowadays you name it and somebody has already worked on something like that somewhere.So that title is gone.So I Want to call this “The Happy People”.Because I assume atleast  75% people have those days just like me when nothing makes sense, you feel lost and defeated.I know there are enough self-help books to fill many libraries, thousands of self-help gurus who can enlighten you.But my aim is different, I want to become a part of that thinking process.I want people to experience those days to remind them that they still are better off than most.

What will “Happy People” do? Well for starters this blog will spread some cheer, humor and fun.Another thing in mind is to tart a set of sessions called “The Happy People”.The idea of these sessions is still in infancy.But will keep posting.

The mantra is spread the cheer

I think those days just act as a catalyst to push us more towards happiness, true fulfillment and what not.

So says the new gyaan-guru 🙂

Will come back with more.soon.

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I am still mid-way writing Apple’s birth story,but an update from a new mom-friend of mine on FB made be write this post.This friend is all ecstatic and happy embracing motherhood.So here’s my story and why it took me so long to become a happy mother

Last year after all the waiting when Apple was born, it was a very tiring, traumatic day for me.Obviously I was happy holding that beautiful little bundle of joy.But before she came out the entire labor part had drained me completely.As I read and hear new moms talk of how they took to the mommy part immediately forgetting their pains and their bodies, I feel guilty.

I adored Apple, but I took time becoming her mom.On the other hand Adam was hands on from the very moment they handed her to him.I had no energy after a 16 hour labor to hold her, I was torn apart and stitched and the last thing I wanted was sleep.I remember holding Apple for sometime, but then getting worried that I would drop her.

Even when we came back home, the first few months of her life Apple heard a lot of chaos in her new home.There were two old ladies fighting their way out to emerge winners in “I rule the home” race, a cranky me with all the fighting taking its toll on me and obviously a cranky Apple.

But generally Apple was a happy child and yet it was only when Apple probably turned 4 months old that I could handle her and love her the way I wanted.Part of the blame goes on Adam, for being the over the top worried father, never trusting my mothers instincts.And of course I was to be blamed to a great extent, never asking people to shut up about my daughter whom I raised in my tummy for 9 months.I was a coward and people made me feel incompetent.Every time I held her I was worried that they would fault me.Or worse I would harm her.Add to all this was my diagnosis of an extremely active Thyroid, making me moody, tired and exhausted

Eventually I got my “me-time” with Apple,my best time with her in Nov-Dec 2012, when I used to be all alone with Apple for the entire day.I really connected with her.Today I know I am enough to take care of her.Today If people see faults in my upbringing, I will live with the faults, guilt free.I know my child’s well-being and I can take care

Today I bounce with joy when Apple said her first word, or tries to complete “Twinkle-twinkle” with “sky” in her own cute ways.I also worry when she doesn’t eat enough, I also scold her if she’s naughty.If I feel she is not ready for something I take a call.At least I know I am responsible for whichever ways she turn out to be.

All that I want my little one is to be caring, confident and never let people tell her that she can’t do something.

It took me a year to become a confident and strong mother and I know what to teach my little one

I know she will become a good human being