I am writing history


Every time I try to write, I worry.I worry about the grammar, words that I choose, the context of it all etc.Mostly I worry that my writing is supremely mediocre.I have earlier written a diary in college days.But till now most of my writing has been mundane, everyday stuff.Pages from my life.And this thought process stalls me.I never have the guts to write a post wholeheartedly.Because the Eve inside is forever judging, shouting and screaming saying “you cannot write, you should not write, this is pathetic”. Well I guess you get the message.

But then there are those moments when I feel this urge to put things on paper / electronic media.Today as usual between the battle to write / not write, my brain gave me a funny insight.Think of about 100 years from now.We all are dead.Our electronic footprints are archived in one place like a mega-googlopedia kind of a thing.And some lost soul like me (an improved version I am sure ) stumbles across my writing.

What does my writing talk of?Everyday mundane stuff.But stuff that is mundane today in a 100 years would be an interesting peek in a life long forgotten.

When the technology has evolved , the world has changed, wars have been fought, everyday stories from a 100 years ago may seem like fiction.Seem like fun or seem like horror.Whichever ways it turns out to be, it would still be history.

And among these writing if the person comes across opinions, world happenings, stories, places it would all just make that experience interesting to him / her / it (assuming its a robot)

So yeah whatever I write is history. Each of us contribute in our small ways through writings, songs, music, art to making that history.History of our times.

Funnily enough for us history is always past, we tend to forget that as we talk, write, rant, shout, scream…we are creating history.

So go on write history without any worries, inhibitions or doubts.You are leaving your footprints in the sands of time.(Electronic media at least 😀  )

Image : http://ocw.usu.edu/History/guide-to-writing-in-history/writing.jpg