The Grand Safari

This weekend is a long one with MakarSankranti being on Monday.Last evening Adam came home with a plan to go to Ooty for this weekend.Of course one of the reasons for the sudden plan to surprise the family was probably to please the wifey.You see we had a small tiff the previous night and yours truly badly tried being angry for almost 24 hrs.Pheww its a record for me.I mean its just so inconvenient going in the non-talking mode with Adam.And now with Apple around its almost impossible.That is probably one of  the penalties of becoming parents.You are more less stuck to your partner in crime 😉 And anyways if you don’t stick its dead-tiring (See that is  my practical brain talking, division of labor always helps, especially if its poop-cleaning types ;)) )

Oh I digress a lot, so with my 24 hour anger spell broken, I jumped into the plan checking out hotels and all.But then it gradually dawned on us that for 290Km drive with Adam being the only driver (my driving  : another horror story 😦 later.. ) a 3 day thing would be very hectic.But so enthused were we for an outing that we marched on checking all possible tourist destinations around Bangalore, comparing distances, things to do and XYZ.I have never googled so many different permutations for picnics around  any place.End of it all we narrowed down on Gorukana.Decent distance, reasonable prices, everything seemed just tailor made for us.Unfortunately we had discounted the fact that we were the only un-organized couple in the entire world.Gorukana was completely booked for the weekend.

It seems people do such crazy and idiotic things like plan long-weekends and vacations well in advance 😀

So with the same response from a couple of other places,our vacation plans went into the dustbin.But then I “HAD” to go someplace today just to make it feel like a vacation.Ultimately we ended up in Banerghatta Nataional Park with Apple

We decided to start with the Grand Safari which itself made up our entire trip.The Safari was good, we spotted Deers,Lions,a majestic White Tiger and many Bears.

Apple was fascinated with the Bears and I guess she wanted us to bring one back home 😉

Anyways I ended up talking about Apple’s Bambi, Sheru and Ellie (Her stuffed toys at home) so much that by the end of the Safari I am sure my neighbors in the bus thought that they saw Bambi and Sheru during the Safari 😀

Towards the end of the Safari when the entire bus was on their toes seeing the tigers, me and Adam were cringing our noses, waiting for it to end.We had a tiny tot with a soiled diaper, urgently in need of a change.

Post the Safari and some food we sat in the most rattly-rattly toy train outside the park.And with all our bones shaken to the core we were ready to head back home.

Ever since Apple was born we have learnt to be happy even if we manage to tick  two-three parts of the entire plan.We are atleast happy that Apple enjoys it.

So finally with Apple napping peacefully in the car, came back home to kareena groving “mein chikan tandoori-fevicol se” on the car radio :))

P.S : Highlight of the trip : Apple trying to talk to Bhoo-Bhoo and Cow right outside the park.Whoever said you have to go to  National parks to see your favorite animals 🙂