Daily prompt : I would like to thank my cat

And as the room applauded,those tiny feeble claps of hands so old,some body pushed my wheelchair to the center of the room..A relatively healthy hearty voice prodded “let’s have an acceptance speech, an Oscar one”..I smiled.. Oh how long had I waited, for being on the red carpet, for thanking x,y and z..of course thanking you my little cats..Today here I am. There’s no red carpet, no Oscars but nevertheless they have acknowledged us, our work..
So I would like to thank you my cats, for jumping out of my heart, on the paper..for weaving stories with me, for bringing smiles on tired faces..for staying with me all along..
If only my mother had let me pursue my art of making those lovely illustrationd and stories, cats always.. If only she had not forced me into marriage at 16..Not her fault, I was a girl child;  unwanted..
If only I wasn’t stuck in an abusive marriage..and if only my son would have turned better..who knows may we would have actually seen the red carpet..
Alas here I am, at an old age home.
Husband’s gone, son’s gone..but finally after all these years I have you my little cats and your stories…somebody here saw those drawings, compiled and sent it across to a well known art magazine..They say some noted art critics were thoroughly impressed. They say my work speaks a different language.
I wouldn’t know. For me its just the cats who speak to me.. Who tell stories..
So here I am, being applauded..my work featured in the art magazine.. And for me this is the red carpet and this is my Oscar acceptance
..I would like to thank you my cats ..


Smart I am

Its been so long that this place has been neglected. So much has happened. Apple continues to grow at an amazing speed, keeps me on my toes all day and hence I ignore this place. Well that’s a lame excuse. Never mind..So finally I join the smart phone bandwagon. Yes Adam gifted a nexus 4. Reason for the gift, he getting delayed in Boston for another eight days.
Did the gift make me happy?
Yes and no. You see I am not a tech freak and have consciously avoided smart phones till now. My reason being I am not smart enough.
On a serious note, I always thought smartphone will always rob you of your precious time with your loved ones, with nature or just plain you time..
I like the phone and I am already wasting enough free time on my new gadget but in retrospect the lesser the better.the kind of apps I have seen, scare me. If this happens to fall in kids hand god only knows the future if mankind..
The novelty is wearing and I long to get back to book the real kind. In which I can actually feel the page, turn a corner, place a bookmark and eventually when I finish reading it, look longingly at the cover as if waiting for the characters to come and talk to me..With kindle or any other app this feel is lost..I turn off the phone coz its full of apps to train and teach my toddler everything from ABCs to potty training..was almost tempted to try the potty training one…he he he Then realized no matter what it does, the bum cleaning will still be my job..not so smart phone
I cannot be connected 24/7..I love my peace, the surprises when I log into a social network after 2 days and see some lovely updates..I cannot keep checking for them every two minutes..yet with the new phone I do that and m disappointed. Turns out its the same day, same mood, same life..and I like it this way..
For all the smart phones in the world, I long to see a hand written note, a letter, a postcard that reminds me that the real smartness is in me..in all of us..let’s not loose ourselves in too much of the smart world.
So incoherent rambling s of my smartphone these 😉



Death is the biggest equalizer

Such a morbid topic to start your day.And as it happens you never think of death, till you hear of someone’s death.Heard of an acquaintance’s death just this morning.Death in a road accident.A promising life cut short.A family left bereaved.A child left fatherless.And yet I did not know the person personally, so I can still move on.Like everyday.

But this did bring back memories of people, stories long gone.Long lost.I had a University classmate who died last year.I knew him fairly well.Ever smiling, happy-g-lucky fellow.He, his wife and parents were killed in a road crash when they were on a pilgrimage.This particular place that they were headed, is well known as a wish-fulfilling place.I wonder if they were on “thank you for full-filling our wish” trip or were there to ask for something.Whatever it was, somebody up there took it a step further.Gave them peace forever.Surprisingly when I first heard of this accident, my reaction was “thank god, the entire family died”. I am such a moron.But really when you hear of death, the worst that you feel is for the people left behind.The people who die are gone, they don’t feel anything, anymore.At least that is what we assume.But the wife, child, aging parents left behind endure hell.Good for my friends family, they didn’t survive to suffer that hell.

That’s the scariest bit when you think of death.Think of your own death and you probably would want to know of afterlife and all the xyzs with it.But the mere thought of your loved one’s death, will send shivers down your spine.The mere scare of an accident will freeze you.That’s why I think death can do better by taking us in groups.Then we wont refuse to go.We would be ready to face the great beyond smiling.That is just me trying to protect myself from the mere thought of loosing someone.Again me being a moron.

Coincidentally it was just yesterday that I was reading about two books written by two grieving Indian mothers, of how they contacted their dead kids.The book talks about afterlife.I also chanced upon a magazine which talks of miracles in the 20th century.An International magazine running its cover page on miracles.Its weird me stumbling across everything bizarre, supernatural, unexplained almost simultaneously.As if somebody is trying to give me some message

And then  I realize the message.That there is only one truth, no matter who you are, where you are, how much money you have, there is only one equalizer in this world.Death.

So fret less Oh, human about those tiny issues in your life.You never know when the privilege of living will be taken away from you..Its a good enough message for me.

To stop cribbing and start living.Till I meet death.

If the morbidity of death is taken out of it, I too would want to explore it.Know of the beyond.Who knows it may not really be in an end, but a beginning.

But I guess not now.Let me first live.

I am writing history


Every time I try to write, I worry.I worry about the grammar, words that I choose, the context of it all etc.Mostly I worry that my writing is supremely mediocre.I have earlier written a diary in college days.But till now most of my writing has been mundane, everyday stuff.Pages from my life.And this thought process stalls me.I never have the guts to write a post wholeheartedly.Because the Eve inside is forever judging, shouting and screaming saying “you cannot write, you should not write, this is pathetic”. Well I guess you get the message.

But then there are those moments when I feel this urge to put things on paper / electronic media.Today as usual between the battle to write / not write, my brain gave me a funny insight.Think of about 100 years from now.We all are dead.Our electronic footprints are archived in one place like a mega-googlopedia kind of a thing.And some lost soul like me (an improved version I am sure ) stumbles across my writing.

What does my writing talk of?Everyday mundane stuff.But stuff that is mundane today in a 100 years would be an interesting peek in a life long forgotten.

When the technology has evolved , the world has changed, wars have been fought, everyday stories from a 100 years ago may seem like fiction.Seem like fun or seem like horror.Whichever ways it turns out to be, it would still be history.

And among these writing if the person comes across opinions, world happenings, stories, places it would all just make that experience interesting to him / her / it (assuming its a robot)

So yeah whatever I write is history. Each of us contribute in our small ways through writings, songs, music, art to making that history.History of our times.

Funnily enough for us history is always past, we tend to forget that as we talk, write, rant, shout, scream…we are creating history.

So go on write history without any worries, inhibitions or doubts.You are leaving your footprints in the sands of time.(Electronic media at least 😀  )

Image : http://ocw.usu.edu/History/guide-to-writing-in-history/writing.jpg

Why write?

Why write?

write to vent out

write to shout out loud

write to be heard

write to tell a story

write to create a memory

write to hold on to a moment

write to leave your mark

write to learn

write to understand

write to fight

write to love

write to be happy

write to sulk

write to preach

write to follow

write to become popular 😉

write to earn mega bucks

write to be “freshly pressed” 🙂

or simply write to enjoy….

write to remind you, that only reality is death.but words …they stay.they don’t die

The Happy People


Yesterday was just one of those days for me.The one where I start whining, “Why me?”, “Why do I have to struggle everywhere?”,”Why cant I get that big promotion, that big company, that XYZ”…I am sure most of us have those days.Now that I am trying to get back to work, I see myself left behind peers who still don’t have kids, have cushy jobs and looks like they have it “ALL”.Yesterday at  the end before I slept as I looked at Adam and Apple cuddling cutely, I was thankful for a healthy and happy family.I was thankful that we had no financial struggles, not that we could afford luxuries, but we were happy.

But yet that thought stayed, “Why me”.

So today morning while thinking about what next, my brain shouted “Eureka”I realized that I had a project in mind “The Happiness Project”but as it is nowadays you name it and somebody has already worked on something like that somewhere.So that title is gone.So I Want to call this “The Happy People”.Because I assume atleast  75% people have those days just like me when nothing makes sense, you feel lost and defeated.I know there are enough self-help books to fill many libraries, thousands of self-help gurus who can enlighten you.But my aim is different, I want to become a part of that thinking process.I want people to experience those days to remind them that they still are better off than most.

What will “Happy People” do? Well for starters this blog will spread some cheer, humor and fun.Another thing in mind is to tart a set of sessions called “The Happy People”.The idea of these sessions is still in infancy.But will keep posting.

The mantra is spread the cheer

I think those days just act as a catalyst to push us more towards happiness, true fulfillment and what not.

So says the new gyaan-guru 🙂

Will come back with more.soon.

Image :http://www.123rf.com/photo_8476916_best-friends-happy-girls-playing.html




Finding an heir to Rahul Gandhi

Mr.Rahul Gandhi, I read your sentimental words remembering your father, grandmother et all.Oh you forgot  to remember your great-grandfather, Mr.Nehru.Right,you didn’t get to meet him.Well I was talking of the spiritual connect.You know, the invoking of all the “holy”, “right” and “powerful”names at the “right” time.Never mind you can invoke Mr.Nehru’s name when you take the oath as the Prime Minister of this nation of a billion people

So yes my question to you, what next? or rather Who next?

I understand you have an important agenda of nation-building on your young shoulders and as you said this responsibility is no less than poison.

But who will follow your footsteps?Priyanka’s children?Oh I was rather looking forward to seeing another Gandhi.After all the Gandhi effect is all encompassing.We want to see another Gandhi in your footsteps.Not a Vadra.So do we hear wedding bells soon?

Sounds far fetched.But I am sure by the time you become the PM, the entire country would be together in prayers for  you to find a beautiful bride.We are India after all.We are family.And whenever and wherever there is a match-making issue, we will all get our hands dirty to find you the most dutiful, fair, adarsh Bharatiya Nari or a global lady.You just have to choose.After all you will be the PM of one of the emerging superpowers.I am sure your strong youthful party is already at work.

Nation-building can wait.Dynasty-building can’t

And then when you find your bride, we will all pray together to the almighty to bless you with progeny, little Mr / Miss Gandhi to carry forward the Dynasty.After all even if everything else changes the one thing that has not changed in India for the last 60 years is Dynasty.We are democracy of Dynasty.Makes sense to you? Of course it does.You are to the manor born

Does not make sense to me.And I don’t think it will make sense for the next 50years.

Long live Dynasty-democracy