Daily prompt : I would like to thank my cat

And as the room applauded,those tiny feeble claps of hands so old,some body pushed my wheelchair to the center of the room..A relatively healthy hearty voice prodded “let’s have an acceptance speech, an Oscar one”..I smiled.. Oh how long had I waited, for being on the red carpet, for thanking x,y and z..of course thanking you my little cats..Today here I am. There’s no red carpet, no Oscars but nevertheless they have acknowledged us, our work..
So I would like to thank you my cats, for jumping out of my heart, on the paper..for weaving stories with me, for bringing smiles on tired faces..for staying with me all along..
If only my mother had let me pursue my art of making those lovely illustrationd and stories, cats always.. If only she had not forced me into marriage at 16..Not her fault, I was a girl child;  unwanted..
If only I wasn’t stuck in an abusive marriage..and if only my son would have turned better..who knows may we would have actually seen the red carpet..
Alas here I am, at an old age home.
Husband’s gone, son’s gone..but finally after all these years I have you my little cats and your stories…somebody here saw those drawings, compiled and sent it across to a well known art magazine..They say some noted art critics were thoroughly impressed. They say my work speaks a different language.
I wouldn’t know. For me its just the cats who speak to me.. Who tell stories..
So here I am, being applauded..my work featured in the art magazine.. And for me this is the red carpet and this is my Oscar acceptance
..I would like to thank you my cats ..


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