Death is the biggest equalizer

Such a morbid topic to start your day.And as it happens you never think of death, till you hear of someone’s death.Heard of an acquaintance’s death just this morning.Death in a road accident.A promising life cut short.A family left bereaved.A child left fatherless.And yet I did not know the person personally, so I can still move on.Like everyday.

But this did bring back memories of people, stories long gone.Long lost.I had a University classmate who died last year.I knew him fairly well.Ever smiling, happy-g-lucky fellow.He, his wife and parents were killed in a road crash when they were on a pilgrimage.This particular place that they were headed, is well known as a wish-fulfilling place.I wonder if they were on “thank you for full-filling our wish” trip or were there to ask for something.Whatever it was, somebody up there took it a step further.Gave them peace forever.Surprisingly when I first heard of this accident, my reaction was “thank god, the entire family died”. I am such a moron.But really when you hear of death, the worst that you feel is for the people left behind.The people who die are gone, they don’t feel anything, anymore.At least that is what we assume.But the wife, child, aging parents left behind endure hell.Good for my friends family, they didn’t survive to suffer that hell.

That’s the scariest bit when you think of death.Think of your own death and you probably would want to know of afterlife and all the xyzs with it.But the mere thought of your loved one’s death, will send shivers down your spine.The mere scare of an accident will freeze you.That’s why I think death can do better by taking us in groups.Then we wont refuse to go.We would be ready to face the great beyond smiling.That is just me trying to protect myself from the mere thought of loosing someone.Again me being a moron.

Coincidentally it was just yesterday that I was reading about two books written by two grieving Indian mothers, of how they contacted their dead kids.The book talks about afterlife.I also chanced upon a magazine which talks of miracles in the 20th century.An International magazine running its cover page on miracles.Its weird me stumbling across everything bizarre, supernatural, unexplained almost simultaneously.As if somebody is trying to give me some message

And then  I realize the message.That there is only one truth, no matter who you are, where you are, how much money you have, there is only one equalizer in this world.Death.

So fret less Oh, human about those tiny issues in your life.You never know when the privilege of living will be taken away from you..Its a good enough message for me.

To stop cribbing and start living.Till I meet death.

If the morbidity of death is taken out of it, I too would want to explore it.Know of the beyond.Who knows it may not really be in an end, but a beginning.

But I guess not now.Let me first live.


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