The Happy People


Yesterday was just one of those days for me.The one where I start whining, “Why me?”, “Why do I have to struggle everywhere?”,”Why cant I get that big promotion, that big company, that XYZ”…I am sure most of us have those days.Now that I am trying to get back to work, I see myself left behind peers who still don’t have kids, have cushy jobs and looks like they have it “ALL”.Yesterday at  the end before I slept as I looked at Adam and Apple cuddling cutely, I was thankful for a healthy and happy family.I was thankful that we had no financial struggles, not that we could afford luxuries, but we were happy.

But yet that thought stayed, “Why me”.

So today morning while thinking about what next, my brain shouted “Eureka”I realized that I had a project in mind “The Happiness Project”but as it is nowadays you name it and somebody has already worked on something like that somewhere.So that title is gone.So I Want to call this “The Happy People”.Because I assume atleast  75% people have those days just like me when nothing makes sense, you feel lost and defeated.I know there are enough self-help books to fill many libraries, thousands of self-help gurus who can enlighten you.But my aim is different, I want to become a part of that thinking process.I want people to experience those days to remind them that they still are better off than most.

What will “Happy People” do? Well for starters this blog will spread some cheer, humor and fun.Another thing in mind is to tart a set of sessions called “The Happy People”.The idea of these sessions is still in infancy.But will keep posting.

The mantra is spread the cheer

I think those days just act as a catalyst to push us more towards happiness, true fulfillment and what not.

So says the new gyaan-guru 🙂

Will come back with more.soon.

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