Hey Little One,

You keep smiling from the time you wake up.You never really frown, only cry once a while

I keep telling you not to jump from the bed, yet you do it.No worry or fear in the world that you will get hurt.

You have no fear

You shout and scream if I don’t give you your favorite food.But the next moment you hug me and smile

You don’t hold a grudge

You don’t know what it is to take sides, make nasty remarks or fight

You only love, hatred is not for you

All that you know is to have fun, enjoy life and explore everything

There are infinite possibilities for you, never infinite difficulties

You don’t worry about learning, because you have no tests to write or points to prove.

Yet you remember and grasp words, people, surroundings very quickly

You have the curiosity, the innocence and the optimism of life in your eyes.

I so wish I could be you.I could get back that life, innocence, positivity and the love of a child

Grow and be this way forever


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