Finding an heir to Rahul Gandhi

Mr.Rahul Gandhi, I read your sentimental words remembering your father, grandmother et all.Oh you forgot  to remember your great-grandfather, Mr.Nehru.Right,you didn’t get to meet him.Well I was talking of the spiritual connect.You know, the invoking of all the “holy”, “right” and “powerful”names at the “right” time.Never mind you can invoke Mr.Nehru’s name when you take the oath as the Prime Minister of this nation of a billion people

So yes my question to you, what next? or rather Who next?

I understand you have an important agenda of nation-building on your young shoulders and as you said this responsibility is no less than poison.

But who will follow your footsteps?Priyanka’s children?Oh I was rather looking forward to seeing another Gandhi.After all the Gandhi effect is all encompassing.We want to see another Gandhi in your footsteps.Not a Vadra.So do we hear wedding bells soon?

Sounds far fetched.But I am sure by the time you become the PM, the entire country would be together in prayers for  you to find a beautiful bride.We are India after all.We are family.And whenever and wherever there is a match-making issue, we will all get our hands dirty to find you the most dutiful, fair, adarsh Bharatiya Nari or a global lady.You just have to choose.After all you will be the PM of one of the emerging superpowers.I am sure your strong youthful party is already at work.

Nation-building can wait.Dynasty-building can’t

And then when you find your bride, we will all pray together to the almighty to bless you with progeny, little Mr / Miss Gandhi to carry forward the Dynasty.After all even if everything else changes the one thing that has not changed in India for the last 60 years is Dynasty.We are democracy of Dynasty.Makes sense to you? Of course it does.You are to the manor born

Does not make sense to me.And I don’t think it will make sense for the next 50years.

Long live Dynasty-democracy


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