The Guitar Guy

Just another day in our lives.Adam has left for work.Me and Apple busy with the laundry

Happy mother-daughter singing “Humpty Dumpty” with all the dancing.Suddenly I hear a few strings of the guitar.I don’t realize its the guitar.As such I have no taste or understanding of music.But who doesn’t like some soothing strings of a musical instrument.I take Apple along and rush to the balcony, half hoping some sadhu playing an instrument like the “Ektara”.My eyes scan the street below.Nobody.Next I scan the old Gurkha in the newest Apartment across the street.My filmy brain immediately ready to take in the picture of the old man playing some melancholy song with a folksy tune.Alas its not him.

And then it strikes me, in the building right next to ours is a good looking guy sitting casually strumming his guitar and humming some line.

I see the guy, he stare back and I realize that its rude to stare.I hide behind the laundry with Apple.But I like the music.

I almost make up my mind to walk across the corridor ad say a long distance “Hello I like your music”but then I stop myself.What if he scowls and says “Don’t disturb”…I drop the idea.At least this mystical music bit stays with me, Why spoil that?

Adam hears my story after he returns.Smirks and says ‘You have a crush on the guitar guy”.

Hmmm and here I was thinking the entire day about another Guitar guy that I met a few years ago and married.

But the twist in the tale was that my guitar guy could never strum a guitar, the picture was a posed one 🙂

So now every time we have a fight, I am going to tell Adam that I going to woo the “Real” guitar guy 😉

P.S : On keen observation I realized later that the guitar guy is actually a middle aged uncle.Oh no heartbreak 😦 But Adam doesn’t know 😉


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