Finding an heir to Rahul Gandhi

Mr.Rahul Gandhi, I read your sentimental words remembering your father, grandmother et all.Oh you forgot  to remember your great-grandfather, Mr.Nehru.Right,you didn’t get to meet him.Well I was talking of the spiritual connect.You know, the invoking of all the “holy”, “right” and “powerful”names at the “right” time.Never mind you can invoke Mr.Nehru’s name when you take the oath as the Prime Minister of this nation of a billion people

So yes my question to you, what next? or rather Who next?

I understand you have an important agenda of nation-building on your young shoulders and as you said this responsibility is no less than poison.

But who will follow your footsteps?Priyanka’s children?Oh I was rather looking forward to seeing another Gandhi.After all the Gandhi effect is all encompassing.We want to see another Gandhi in your footsteps.Not a Vadra.So do we hear wedding bells soon?

Sounds far fetched.But I am sure by the time you become the PM, the entire country would be together in prayers for  you to find a beautiful bride.We are India after all.We are family.And whenever and wherever there is a match-making issue, we will all get our hands dirty to find you the most dutiful, fair, adarsh Bharatiya Nari or a global lady.You just have to choose.After all you will be the PM of one of the emerging superpowers.I am sure your strong youthful party is already at work.

Nation-building can wait.Dynasty-building can’t

And then when you find your bride, we will all pray together to the almighty to bless you with progeny, little Mr / Miss Gandhi to carry forward the Dynasty.After all even if everything else changes the one thing that has not changed in India for the last 60 years is Dynasty.We are democracy of Dynasty.Makes sense to you? Of course it does.You are to the manor born

Does not make sense to me.And I don’t think it will make sense for the next 50years.

Long live Dynasty-democracy


Hey Little One,

You keep smiling from the time you wake up.You never really frown, only cry once a while

I keep telling you not to jump from the bed, yet you do it.No worry or fear in the world that you will get hurt.

You have no fear

You shout and scream if I don’t give you your favorite food.But the next moment you hug me and smile

You don’t hold a grudge

You don’t know what it is to take sides, make nasty remarks or fight

You only love, hatred is not for you

All that you know is to have fun, enjoy life and explore everything

There are infinite possibilities for you, never infinite difficulties

You don’t worry about learning, because you have no tests to write or points to prove.

Yet you remember and grasp words, people, surroundings very quickly

You have the curiosity, the innocence and the optimism of life in your eyes.

I so wish I could be you.I could get back that life, innocence, positivity and the love of a child

Grow and be this way forever

The Guitar Guy

Just another day in our lives.Adam has left for work.Me and Apple busy with the laundry

Happy mother-daughter singing “Humpty Dumpty” with all the dancing.Suddenly I hear a few strings of the guitar.I don’t realize its the guitar.As such I have no taste or understanding of music.But who doesn’t like some soothing strings of a musical instrument.I take Apple along and rush to the balcony, half hoping some sadhu playing an instrument like the “Ektara”.My eyes scan the street below.Nobody.Next I scan the old Gurkha in the newest Apartment across the street.My filmy brain immediately ready to take in the picture of the old man playing some melancholy song with a folksy tune.Alas its not him.

And then it strikes me, in the building right next to ours is a good looking guy sitting casually strumming his guitar and humming some line.

I see the guy, he stare back and I realize that its rude to stare.I hide behind the laundry with Apple.But I like the music.

I almost make up my mind to walk across the corridor ad say a long distance “Hello I like your music”but then I stop myself.What if he scowls and says “Don’t disturb”…I drop the idea.At least this mystical music bit stays with me, Why spoil that?

Adam hears my story after he returns.Smirks and says ‘You have a crush on the guitar guy”.

Hmmm and here I was thinking the entire day about another Guitar guy that I met a few years ago and married.

But the twist in the tale was that my guitar guy could never strum a guitar, the picture was a posed one 🙂

So now every time we have a fight, I am going to tell Adam that I going to woo the “Real” guitar guy 😉

P.S : On keen observation I realized later that the guitar guy is actually a middle aged uncle.Oh no heartbreak 😦 But Adam doesn’t know 😉


I am still mid-way writing Apple’s birth story,but an update from a new mom-friend of mine on FB made be write this post.This friend is all ecstatic and happy embracing motherhood.So here’s my story and why it took me so long to become a happy mother

Last year after all the waiting when Apple was born, it was a very tiring, traumatic day for me.Obviously I was happy holding that beautiful little bundle of joy.But before she came out the entire labor part had drained me completely.As I read and hear new moms talk of how they took to the mommy part immediately forgetting their pains and their bodies, I feel guilty.

I adored Apple, but I took time becoming her mom.On the other hand Adam was hands on from the very moment they handed her to him.I had no energy after a 16 hour labor to hold her, I was torn apart and stitched and the last thing I wanted was sleep.I remember holding Apple for sometime, but then getting worried that I would drop her.

Even when we came back home, the first few months of her life Apple heard a lot of chaos in her new home.There were two old ladies fighting their way out to emerge winners in “I rule the home” race, a cranky me with all the fighting taking its toll on me and obviously a cranky Apple.

But generally Apple was a happy child and yet it was only when Apple probably turned 4 months old that I could handle her and love her the way I wanted.Part of the blame goes on Adam, for being the over the top worried father, never trusting my mothers instincts.And of course I was to be blamed to a great extent, never asking people to shut up about my daughter whom I raised in my tummy for 9 months.I was a coward and people made me feel incompetent.Every time I held her I was worried that they would fault me.Or worse I would harm her.Add to all this was my diagnosis of an extremely active Thyroid, making me moody, tired and exhausted

Eventually I got my “me-time” with Apple,my best time with her in Nov-Dec 2012, when I used to be all alone with Apple for the entire day.I really connected with her.Today I know I am enough to take care of her.Today If people see faults in my upbringing, I will live with the faults, guilt free.I know my child’s well-being and I can take care

Today I bounce with joy when Apple said her first word, or tries to complete “Twinkle-twinkle” with “sky” in her own cute ways.I also worry when she doesn’t eat enough, I also scold her if she’s naughty.If I feel she is not ready for something I take a call.At least I know I am responsible for whichever ways she turn out to be.

All that I want my little one is to be caring, confident and never let people tell her that she can’t do something.

It took me a year to become a confident and strong mother and I know what to teach my little one

I know she will become a good human being



The Grand Safari

This weekend is a long one with MakarSankranti being on Monday.Last evening Adam came home with a plan to go to Ooty for this weekend.Of course one of the reasons for the sudden plan to surprise the family was probably to please the wifey.You see we had a small tiff the previous night and yours truly badly tried being angry for almost 24 hrs.Pheww its a record for me.I mean its just so inconvenient going in the non-talking mode with Adam.And now with Apple around its almost impossible.That is probably one of  the penalties of becoming parents.You are more less stuck to your partner in crime 😉 And anyways if you don’t stick its dead-tiring (See that is  my practical brain talking, division of labor always helps, especially if its poop-cleaning types ;)) )

Oh I digress a lot, so with my 24 hour anger spell broken, I jumped into the plan checking out hotels and all.But then it gradually dawned on us that for 290Km drive with Adam being the only driver (my driving  : another horror story 😦 later.. ) a 3 day thing would be very hectic.But so enthused were we for an outing that we marched on checking all possible tourist destinations around Bangalore, comparing distances, things to do and XYZ.I have never googled so many different permutations for picnics around  any place.End of it all we narrowed down on Gorukana.Decent distance, reasonable prices, everything seemed just tailor made for us.Unfortunately we had discounted the fact that we were the only un-organized couple in the entire world.Gorukana was completely booked for the weekend.

It seems people do such crazy and idiotic things like plan long-weekends and vacations well in advance 😀

So with the same response from a couple of other places,our vacation plans went into the dustbin.But then I “HAD” to go someplace today just to make it feel like a vacation.Ultimately we ended up in Banerghatta Nataional Park with Apple

We decided to start with the Grand Safari which itself made up our entire trip.The Safari was good, we spotted Deers,Lions,a majestic White Tiger and many Bears.

Apple was fascinated with the Bears and I guess she wanted us to bring one back home 😉

Anyways I ended up talking about Apple’s Bambi, Sheru and Ellie (Her stuffed toys at home) so much that by the end of the Safari I am sure my neighbors in the bus thought that they saw Bambi and Sheru during the Safari 😀

Towards the end of the Safari when the entire bus was on their toes seeing the tigers, me and Adam were cringing our noses, waiting for it to end.We had a tiny tot with a soiled diaper, urgently in need of a change.

Post the Safari and some food we sat in the most rattly-rattly toy train outside the park.And with all our bones shaken to the core we were ready to head back home.

Ever since Apple was born we have learnt to be happy even if we manage to tick  two-three parts of the entire plan.We are atleast happy that Apple enjoys it.

So finally with Apple napping peacefully in the car, came back home to kareena groving “mein chikan tandoori-fevicol se” on the car radio :))

P.S : Highlight of the trip : Apple trying to talk to Bhoo-Bhoo and Cow right outside the park.Whoever said you have to go to  National parks to see your favorite animals 🙂